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Introducing Naomi Waters

Life is hard. Writing is hard. January was a tough month for me, but I’m hopeful February will be better! I’d like to introduce Naomi Waters, the main character of the new manuscript I’m writing, Wheeling the Halls. Here is her interview: Q: Hi, thank you for joining me today! Can you tell me your name? …

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One Week!!!

The deadline I have for my book is in exactly one week—Friday, May 16th. I’m currently at about 65,000 words and I have about three more chapters to write! 🙂 I almost thought I wasn’t going to meet my deadline because I have been sick all week, and I have a hard time writing when …

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Lost Love

Hey y’all! Good news, got a short article going to be published on a website after New Years! 😀 My dreams are coming true! Details to come on the article! Here’s a piece I wrote freshmen year of high school… Lost Love There are people all around you hugging, laughing, crying, and sharing all the …

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