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Meet Tom and Christy

You met Ava and Mack in my last blog post. Now, I’d like to introduce you to Tom and Christy, the other two characters in the new book I’m writing. Name: Tom Dunken Nicknames: Age: 47 Height: 6’1 Physical appearance: Long blond hair, long beard, always wearing an old pair of jeans, and a Carhartt …

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Meet Ava and Mack

Meet two of the four characters in the book I’m writing now. You might notice some of the questions are not answered and that’s because they either don’t apply to the character or it would give away part of the mystery in the story. Some of these things might change as I continue writing. The …

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Reality, Fiction and The Love of Writing

I’ve always loved to read and write. In school, whenever we had to do book reports or write an essay, I always got excited while the rest of the class would complain. I would get asked, “why do you like to read and write so much?” Well, it’s my escape from reality. We all have …

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