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Write, Edit, Read Writer’s Market, and Edit Some More

I bet you didn’t expect to see me back so soon. I intended to take a break from writing, but life had other plans for me. A couple of days after I posted my last blog, I got offered a new writing opportunity with My Trending Stories. I’m all for building my writing resume and …

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David Baldacci’s One Summer

When I found myself in my favorite bookstore last week, I realized I’ve already read all of my favorite authors’ books. It was time to find a new favorite. Naturally, I went to the romance and mystery thriller sections, looking for the next author I just had to read. It was there I stumbled upon David Baldacci. While most …

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Nora Roberts’ Angels Fall

I started off with putting my book reviews in an entirely different blog, but I realized it was too much work to manage two blogs while getting my writing career going. I’m now putting my book reviews on this blog. I mean this blog is mainly about my writing. Writing and reading go hand in …

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