The Original Silly Story

I’ve been meaning to write on here for a few weeks now, but I’ve been distracted. I spent a couple of weeks studying and training for a potential work from home job. I found out the other day I didn’t get it. Bummer, I know. My boyfriend of seven months wants me to start moving in with him, at least part-time. It’s been an ongoing conversation. I started taking anxiety medication back in January and it has my mind blank 80% of the time, which hasn’t helped with writing; however, I have been making it a priority to write at least a little bit every day. Speaking of writing, I want to share a story with all of you that I wrote when I was a kid.

Here is the original silly story:

Once upon a time lived a caterpillar named Miller. He was just a young fella trying to find his place in the world. Miller sat at Long Lake watching the fish jump in the air. He wished he could do that, but he was only a caterpillar. Miller decided the lake wasn’t the place for him. He made his way down Mullen road and saw a big building (the school). Miller went in as fast as he could when the door opened and Sasquatch walked out.

Miller never seen anything like it. It was a different planet to him. I could call this home, Miller thought to himself. One problem: everything was so much bigger than him. He wondered where each closed door led to, but he would have to wait as there was no way he would get in by himself. Miller managed to find the bathroom since the door was opened. He decided to go in and take a look in the mirror. Three monsters were blocking the sinks, putting 10 pounds of make up on and complaining about God knows what. Miller, scared to death, went potty by the door and quickly made his way to the hallway. Twenty minutes later, you could hear a girl yelling because she stepped in something tiny and brown. It made Miller giggle. A strange door opened and a guy on crutches walked off. Miller lost his chance to get on. He attempted the stairs, but he was just too little and afraid. He had a fear of the stairs laughing and playing jokes on him. At that moment, a weird noise ranged and a million monsters were walking in every direction. Miller didn’t know what to do. They were everywhere!!! He decided he could not call that horrible place home. Those monsters must be the aliens he heard about on the history channel.

Someone picked Miller up and carried him to his planet (the outdoors). At first, he tried everything to get away, but realized the monster alien was only helping him. Aliens must not all be bad then. Miller went straight for the grass. He felt safe again until a bird pooped on him. Miller cursed the bird and gave it the middle finger. But silly Miller, his fingers were too small for a bird in the sky to see. Miller found a nearby pond and took a bath. He made a friend too, a frog named Tabitha. Tabitha, he learned, was from planet animals, a place where aliens bought animals. She managed to escape and found the pond. Now this shall be Miller’s home. He told Tabitha that he would be back soon. He was going for a walk on the pavement. Ten minutes later, some aliens were walking the pavement too. He started back toward the pond. Before he realized what was happening, an alien in a big chair was coming at full speed, couldn’t see little Miller and went right over him… To be continued.


It’s the silly story that started it all!

Started what? you might wonder.

Stay tuned!

“‘Have fun’ is my message. Be silly. You’re allowed to be silly. There’s nothing wrong with it.”—Jimmy Fallon

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