Finish Line is Near

I hope everyone is having a good year so far!

It’s a new year and I have two manuscripts. As a Christmas present, my brother is going to pay for a copy editor to edit my manuscript when I’m finished editing it. Before I learned of the copy editor, I wasn’t too focused on one story. I was merely trying to get a few manuscripts written. I’d rather have a few unpolished manuscripts than one semi-edited manuscript that I had to wait to publish for financial reasons. I don’t have to wait anymore, though!

The only problem is, which manuscript do I focus on? Lucky Star? Wheeling the Streets?

I’ve spent the last month debating the pros and cons of each. For a while, I was leaning toward Wheeling the Streets, but then my mind wandered to Lucky Star. I was going back and forth. In the end, I decided to focus on Lucky Star. I mean I started writing this book in the 8th grade and spent over five years on it. It’s my baby and it deserves to finally see the light. Plus,  Lucky Star is a more appropriate book to publish as a first-time author. I feel as though Wheeling the Streets is more for an experienced writer. The story talks about some major issues—suicide, addiction, murder, domestic violence, gang violence and homelessness. I feel as though I’m not an experienced enough writer to be writing about all of those issues in one book.

While Wheeling the Streets has strong characters, Lucky Star does not. Most of the characters sound the same, so that is the one thing I’ll really be focusing on besides basic edits. I haven’t visited the story in a while, so I’m excited to reread it.

My goal for the year is to have it edited and sent off to the editor of my choice before the new year. I wasn’t sure where to look for an editor and I mentioned something about it on Twitter and already I have a few offers. Twitter is amazing!

Along with editing Luck Star, I’m thinking about the next story I want to write. I know I should just focus on editing my manuscript, but I have so many different story ideas and I just want to write them all, now! I can’t help it! Editing one book isn’t enough, I have to start writing my next book, too. Junior year of high school, I had this history class with one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Raben. The class inspired a story…

But first things first… Lucky Star has first priority.

I need to go to Barnes and Noble to buy a new Nook charger. My Nook only works when it is plugged in and my current charger doesn’t work. My edit checklist for Lucky Star is all on my Nook. I probably should have kept it in a journal instead of an app, lesson learned!

Then all I have to do is edit, hire an editor, edit it some more until it is polished and query agents. Editing will take time, but I’m now within reach of the finish line!

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