Hey, I’m Swimming Again

I lost sight of the shore. I stopped swimming. The longer I stayed out, the farther I got pulled back. I must not have drowned, though, because here I am. I’m swimming and back on track to reach the shore.

Hello world! It’s been a while, huh? Up until about a month ago, I had a lot going on. Then this last month, Netflix distracted me, but don’t get me started with what happened in Pretty Little Liars…

Anyway, let’s catch up, shall we?

I started writing my new book Wheeling the Streets. I didn’t get very far because I went into birthday mode for a while. My birthday was fun, by the way. Luke Bryan was amazing.

A couple months ago I stopped writing articles for the Coffee Courier. I felt they didn’t take it seriously and I wasn’t enjoying myself anymore. However, I may have a new writing gig soon. The only downside is you would have to pay a small subscription fee to read my writing, but that also means I’d get paid. I have to figure out what kind of writing I would want to do on the site such as chapters, short stories, essays/articles, poems or journal entries. Also, I have to pick a subject and how often I want to post. I’m having a hard time coming up with what I’d want to write about and what style of writing. After I submit it, I can’t change my mind. It’s final, so I need to be sure what I choose is absolutely what I want to write.

I’m teaching myself sign language and it’s coming along nicely. Verbal communication is overrated. I should start signing from now on. Hopefully my friends and family know sign language…hehe.

Aside from my cat meowing and scratching me to get my attention, there’s something about being alone for a few days in a quiet place that makes me want to write. I wrote some here and there, but today was the first day I really worked on my book in over three months. It was hard to sit down and get in the zone, but it felt great.

I’m going to post some future blog posts from a character’s perspective. Maybe that’s what I can write about for the writing gig? Post journal entries from a character’s point of view from my book. Hm, I don’t know.

Well, I’m off to nap. Then swim (write). I’m a little sleep-deprived. I was writing until dawn, fell asleep and got woken up too soon by my cat. Oh, and she wants me to tell all of you hello. She meowed at the screen, so I’m assuming that was a greeting.

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!


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