When you’re just starting your writing career, you should join writing sites.  They’re like Facebook, but for writers and they’re usually great help. With that said, I’m a member on multiple writing sites and before today, I haven’t logged on any of them in quite some time. I spent the last four hours updating my profile on each of the sites. Yes, it really took that long to edit a few profiles. I’m not even done! I have to go back and change a few other things on each profile tomorrow after I do some more editing. A writer is a full-time job.

While on one of the sites, I found a couple short poems I have written a long time ago…


Past and Future

Looking in, Looking back, I see myself, In a flash.

Take a breath, Look around, In the sea, Maybe you’ll find me.

Climb the mountain, Look over the hill, Beyond the horizon, Is my past.

On the highway, Going forward, No turning back, My future is ahead.


A Life Lost

A life is born,

A life is cherished,

A life is lost,

A heart is torn,

A heart cries out,

A heart breaks,

A memory is remembered,

A memory disappeared,

A memory is forever.

In loving memory of Suzanne and Nicholas Harrison, Piglet, Atlas, Baby, Tiger, Tigger, Olivia, Mia, Sophia, my grandmas’, Fleabags and Cappie.


On top of everything else, I’m going to do my best to keep up with the writing sites from now on. I will conquer this!

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