Writing Exercises

I haven’t posted in a couple weeks. I’ve been busy writing and reading. I’ve read between fifteen and twenty books in the last two weeks. That’s a lot…

The other day, I began to think about what I could add to my bio on my query letter to make it more professional. That thought led me to google, where I searched for writing courses to take online. Of course, just about all of them was out of my budget range. The only program I found within my budget was twenty dollars… I saved it to my favorites. I might go back and check it out. Also, I found a couple free writing courses on the web. I Immediately signed up for both.

My first writing exercise is a series of questions about my main character. I thought I might answer the questions on my blog. I kind of have three main characters, but I’m only going to answer the questions for one of them.

– What’s the character’s occupation?

Claire was a high school student.

– What’s the character’s family like?

Well, her mother was murdered three years ago, Claire’s father never got over his wife’s death and therefore, Claire was taking care of her younger brother Felix.


– Is the character in a relationship?  What’s his or her partner like?

Claire was not in a relationship, but things were heating up between her and Jake.


– What is the character’s home like?  His or her neighborhood?

Claire’s home was a little old fashioned, not always clean. She cleaned up after the place, but she never seemed to get it as clean as her mother did. She lived in a small beach town. Her house was one of only three beach houses.


– Does your character have hobbies? What does he or she enjoy doing?

Claire’s favorite thing to do was put her toes in the sand and gaze at the ocean. She didn’t always have time for hobbies because she was always taking care of her family.


– What are your character’s greatest strengths?

Claire had always been a confident girl. She got along with everyone. Independent, dedicated and respectful.


– What are his or her greatest weaknesses?

Her family was her greatest weakness. Jake, too. Her fears.


– What is his/her deepest desire?

Claire’s deepest desire was to be a normal teenager again. She wanted to be the girl she was before her mother died, but she could never be that girl again.


– What are his/her greatest fears?

She feared her mother’s killer would never be brought to justice. She feared her father would never get over her death. She feared she would never get through to her dad or be able to stand up to him. Claire feared she would be trapped in the town where everyone knew her as “the girl whose mother was murdered.”


– What is something this character desperately wants to change about himself or herself?

Claire desperately wanted to be the girl she once was. She was crazy, fun and adventurous, but that all changed after her mother died.


– What is something this character doesn’t know about himself or herself?

Claire didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. She put off her plans for college for so long that she never gave her future any thought.

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