Reality, Fiction and The Love of Writing

I’ve always loved to read and write. In school, whenever we had to do book reports or write an essay, I always got excited while the rest of the class would complain. I would get asked, “why do you like to read and write so much?” Well, it’s my escape from reality. We all have our ways of escaping reality. For me, it’s reading and writing.

Reality sucks. I’ll admit, I’m not entirely happy with my life. I’m the type of person who, when you don’t like something, change it! But sometimes you can’t change your situation, only your attitude. The town I live in is a rest stop until I’m able to spread my wings and breakaway. Until then, I can only change my attitude, read every chance I get, and write until there’s blood on the page, not literally.

Growing up, while my friends were doing sports, I turned to books. Being handicap, I couldn’t really participate in sports. I believe that’s where I developed my love for writing. I wrote a lot, I still write a lot… Poems, songs, articles, essays, and stories. The more you write, the better you get. In school, I was always having friends asking for help on papers they were writing. I knew I had some talent, but I didn’t realize how good I was until I took a college prep writing class my senior year of high school. We had writing groups where our peers would give us feedback on our essays and such. When it was time for our very first writing group, my hands trembled, my palms sweaty, I was a nervous wreck. I’m a shy girl, I have a hard time presenting things. When I finished reading my four-page essay, I finally looked up at the others. I was expecting them to give me feedback on how to improve my essay, but instead the group was quiet. A few of them were staring at me, mouths opened and a couple was going back through my essay, they all had copies. Finally, someone said, ” I can’t find anything for you to change. No errors, nothing. This is really good.” The other four all had similar comments. I’ll never forget those words, it was a turning point in my writing life. Meanwhile, our teacher, Ms. Stevens, overheard the whole encounter.

“There has to be something she needs to work on, look again!” She urged the group.

“There’s nothing! We already looked,” someone answered back.

Taking a deep breath, Ms. Stevens said, “fine, I’ll look at it and find what she needs to improve on.”

I got a 100% on my first essay. Ms. Stevens couldn’t find anything for me to work on either, she told me that it was rare for this to happen. A couple of people from my group had asked if they could keep my essay to help them in the future, I allowed it. This is how the rest of the semester went, for the most part. One of my greatest accomplishments will always be how well I did in college prep writing. When the semester first started, I almost dropped out of that class when I learned we would be sharing in groups and in front of the class. Thankfully, I stayed put. My love for writing grew after that class… I didn’t know it was possible.

During that same semester, I was also in a creative writing class. I got accused of plagiarism because my work looked professionally done. Again, thankfully my teacher believed it was mine because it was. Before the school year started, while registering for classes, my mom and counselor had asked me, “You’re going to be in two writing classes for first semester, can you handle all that writing?” HA.

The great thing about fiction is it’s not reality. Those of us who love to read, have millions of lives. We don’t always have to live in our own reality. So many facts waiting to be learned, characters with far more interesting lives than our own and stories waiting to be devoured. One day we’re a secret agent hunting a killer. The next day we’re a vampire roaming the streets or we are in the middle of a love story with a Wyoming rancher. Reading is like watching a movie, only it’s in your head. I don’t understand how people can’t like reading. Shout out to all the bibliophiles in the world! 🙂

The difference between reading a book and writing one is with writing you get to create the world and the characters. Don’t like the world you live in? Build your perfect world! I know I live in my story… I’d much rather be there than where I actually am, most of the time. That’s one of the main reasons I love to write… I get the opportunity to get lost in characters lives I created. If I can’t live in a small country town, then I’ll live in one through my characters and the books I read! Fiction is way better than reality. Reality is REAL, fiction is all about the imagination. 🙂

I’m looking to find old pieces I wrote… I’ll post some when I find them.

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