Acknowledging The Writing World

Music artists and actors get acknowledged all the time, but what about writers?

Today, there are shows looking for the next big thing in music such as American Idol. Aspiring singers get the chance to compete for a record deal and for stardom. Throughout the year, there are numerous award ceremonies acknowledging singers and their albums. Thousands of people gather around to see some of their favorite stars perform, even more watch from the comfort of their homes, as artists cry over an award and give their thanks. Same with TV and movie stars, minus the musical acts. Each year, the popular movies and TV shows are acknowledged on National television. Actors hear their names called for “best supporting actor in a comedy”,  then proceed to walk up to the stage and say how much it means to them that they’re receiving the award. There are a few clever, funny lines thrown in every now and then, poking fun at some of the other stars in the spotlight.

There are even shows looking for the next chef and dancer, but what about writers? Music and acting are both an art, but so is writing, why aren’t the writers being acknowledged on National TV? Sure, music and movies are very popular and some might argue, more important than books and authors, BUT there are millions of readers, writers and even publishing agencies who would benefit from it.

In my opinion, there should be a show like American Idol, but for writers. The judges could be famous authors, literary agents or publishers. Contestants would read a piece or part of a piece they wrote and if the judges like it, move on to the next round. During the group rounds, each group would have to write a piece together to share with the judges. Fans of the writing world and the book lovers would cast their vote on their favorite writer. Maybe the grand prize would be a publishing deal with one of the most popular publishing houses? I’d most definitely enter this competition.

Authors, literary agents, editors, publishing agencies… they should all be rewarded too. At least once a year, there should be a ceremony on TV acknowledging the accomplishments happening in the writing world. Some of the awards could include emerging author of the year, mystery book of the year (and all other genres), new literary agent of the year, best publishing house, book of the year, editor of the year, and poet of the year.

I know it’s all about ratings. A ceremony for writers wouldn’t have as many viewers as let’s say the Grammys, but I’m sure the writers and bibliophiles of the world would tune in to watch. They would anticipate, “please, please let Johnny’s Diary be the book of the year.” It shouldn’t be about the ratings anyway, it should be about recognizing the accomplishments in the writing world if only for one night a year.

But then again, many writers like to stay out of the spotlight, like to be in the shadows. This was all just an idea that popped up in my head a few nights ago while watching American Idol.

Good day y’all! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Acknowledging The Writing World

  1. I think this would be such a great idea. But that being said, we do live in a world where pop culture reigns. I think if we make writing appeal to those of the other genres, we could somehow make this happen. As someone with a literary blog, I love this conversation that you’ve started! Keep writing, and maybe one day this can become a reality.

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