David Baldacci’s One Summer

When I found myself in my favorite bookstore last week, I realized I’ve already read all of my favorite authors’ books. It was time to find a new favorite. Naturally, I went to the romance and mystery thriller sections, looking for the next author I just had to read. It was there I stumbled upon David Baldacci. While most of his books are suspenseful thrillers, one book stood out in particular.

Jack Armstrong was supposed to die. With a turn of events, his wife, Lizzie, tragically died in a car accident just days before Jack was going to die. With his illness, he couldn’t take care of their three kids, the kids were sent off to live with different relatives around the country. Jack was left to die alone, but miraculously he survived. Little by little, he got his strength back and eventually his kids too. The doctors couldn’t believe it, there was a 100% chance he was going to die, but somehow, he lived. That summer, Jack and the kids found themselves in Lizzie’s hometown, staying in the house their great grandmother left them. It was a summer that would forever change the Armstrongs’ lives.

One Summer is a story of loss, love, and healing. By the end of the book, you’ll be in tears. It’s moving, heartbreaking and satisfying. I give it five stars!

I’ll admit, the story wasn’t what I was expecting. The story was a fast read; the chapters short. I’m used to reading novels with long chapters explaining every scene in great detail. One Summer, however, was the total opposite. It was a nice change and reminded me that bestsellers come in all different kind of writing styles, which gave me hope for my own book.

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