My novel, Lucky Star.

Here I am, blogging and mentioning the book I’m writing in my posts and yet, no one knows what my book is about. I think it’s time to share the details of my novel, Lucky Star. I’m not yet sure what my book blurb will say, you know, the summary on the back of the book or inside the cover? There are numerous ways I could describe my story. I need to figure out what works best and get to the main point without giving too much.

Here’s what my book is about…

Lizzy Young was murdered. The loving mother and wife was murdered in the small town of Seashell that made national news.

Fast forward three years, the perpetrator was never found, and the case went cold. The Young family was not a family anymore. Simon Young, the father, had no contact with the outside world. He hardly talked to his kids. He completely shut down. Claire took on the daily responsibilities from cooking, cleaning to taking care of her younger brother, Felix. She was a teenager who had to grow up too fast, she felt a need to take care of her broken family. The only thing Claire had was her Lucky Star. It appeared three years ago and had followed her since.

Then there were the Morgans. There was the mom, Kelly, and the father, Tyler. They had three kids, twins Liam and Mia, and their oldest, Jake. From the outside, you would think they were the perfect family, but Kelly was hiding a secret from all of them, a secret that would change everything. Without notice, Kelly suddenly moved her family from Baltimore to Seashell, a town on the coast of California, next to the Young family.

Things began to change for both families. Claire and Jake somehow felt connected and got close. The Morgans sought out to help the Young family move on from their loss, while in the Morgans’ household, things only got weirder. What was Kelly Morgan hiding? Who killed Lizzy Young? In the end, both families would be devastated.

Now this is not what my book blurb will say, not exactly anyway. It’s just a general idea of what my book is about.

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